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Greg Roman is lying curled up in a film room somewhere as we speak, unshaven and filthy in desperate need of trips formations to draw up for anyone out there who might have him. In addition to being a compulsive freak, your average fired coach wants a new job as quickly as possible. That means boning up on your all-22 so that you can CRUSH IT in interviews. Ah! Im glad you asked about how I would use Josh Norman, Coach Gruden! During my unemployment, I designed an 86-point plan that would allow him to cover the GOOD receiver. Do you have a projector? They die of boredom. This is a problem for old guys in general: they retire, then they realize theres nothing to do, and then they either die of boredom, or they double back and start working again (Joe Gibbs) or become obsessed with some other, extremely time-consuming pursuit, like running a local condo board, or collecting Lionel trains and polishing them all day, or creating racist Skittle memes to spread online.

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National Alliance for Reform candidates of the Islamic Front Action party wave to supporters during a rally announcing their candidacy for the upcoming elections, in Amman, Jordan, September 2, 2016. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed But under pressure from a government crackdown that followed Islamist-led protests in the wake of the Arab Spring, the Brotherhood's political คาสิโนออนไลน์ ฟรี arm, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), ditched its "Islam is the Solution" slogan and joined Christians and prominent national figures to create the National Coalition for Reform (NCR). Preliminary results from Tuesday's election indicated that the NCR had won at least 16 of the 130 seats. Zaki Bani Rusheid, a prominent Brotherhood leader, said the NCR would seek alliances with others to try to form an effective opposition. Although Jordan has no ruling party, its government, appointed by King Abdullah, has for years faced little or no opposition from a parliament คาสิโนออนไลน์ pantip dominated by pro-government tribal leaders, businessmen and ex-security officials, often elected on promises to address local rather than national concerns. MODEST STEP Although the NCR will not be able to block legislation or cabinet appointments, it should nevertheless bring livelier debate to what has been almost a rubber-stamp assembly whose passivity has allowed successive governments to enact draconian temporary laws restricting public freedoms. Although the vote represents a modest step in the democratization process launched by the king, a staunch U.S. ally, as he seeks to insulate Jordan from the conflicts at its borders, the NCR is likely to use the platform to air demands for a more representative electoral system. The alliance won at least one seat in nearly every major multi-member constituency, according to initial results. In the capital's affluent third district, home to many government agencies as well as much of the business and political elite, the alliance won three of seven seats. Although the national turnout was a mere 37 percent, analysts said it would have been significantly lower if the Islamists had not taken part.

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